Welcome to Long EZ Air Shows

Although Lon no longer performs aerobatics at airshows, a number of people are still interested in the Long EZ. This website is still posted for the Long EZ enthusiast and for Lon's passion of flying.

Lon dazzles the crowd with graceful high-speed aerobatics. With the futuristic look of the Long EZ, on the ground or in the air, heads will turn. When parked, people will ask which end is front? How do you get the nose off the ground? In the air people will ask if it is something from Star Wars Defense Initiative?

After your show do you want people to ask you why you had the same plane fly twice? If not book an act that is so different your audience knows they saw something special.

If your audio system is equipped for air to ground communications Lon can self narrate as he is performing or interact with your announcer.

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